1. step 1: reblog a two part post in the right order

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  2. damn-you-steven-moffat:

    if you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple

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    I only accept anon hate in size 12 Times New Roman double spaced MLA format

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  6. nonkorean:

    Taking pics of your crush like…

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    girl???? who like a VIDE GAM e?!???? ahow dose she pl ay…… with a Boob???

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    there was an ambulance outside of my university’s bookstore… Someone had a heart attack after seeing the cost of all the books

    (It was me)

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    sweat is just your body crying because it wants you to stop moving

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    my parents definitely did not raise me to be a queer feminist filled with the wrath of a thousand enraged dragons and yet here i am

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